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Johnson Co. farmer working to make SR 135 safer

Posted at 10:57 PM, Jan 08, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- At once a quiet road, State Road 135 in Johnson County is getting busier as the population in that area booms. 

And with the influx of cars, some think one section of that highway is becoming very dangerous, with several crashes. 

So, a local farmer is taking matters into his own hands. 

Lance Fischer moved to Johnson County with his family back in 1981. He has farmed the stretch of land along State Road 135 ever since. 

But lately, he has noticed his community growing, with more and more traffic speeding past his home. 

Hearing crashes from the dinner table has become a common occurrence. 

"Numerous people that will pass and make some dangerous maneuvers to try and get around someone going slower," Fischer said. 

Instead of sitting back, Fischer contacted local lawmakers. And they they reached out to INDOT. 

INDOT officials say they will be installing rumble strips along the median to help prevent crashes on SR 135 in 2016. 

They say a contractor will be assigned soon and INDOT plans to have the rumble strip project complete this summer. 

"This is definitely a good first step, but I would definitely like to see more done as far as putting in stoplights, widen the shoulders," Fischer said. 

He will continue to do his own research, collect data and join with neighbors to push for more safety features. 


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