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Greenwood neighbors want help slowing down speeders

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jun 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-22 18:58:16-04

GREENWOOD — Some Greenwood residents are fed up. They say they were promised something would change in their neighborhood when it comes to slowing down speeders.

But since the start of the pandemic, they say there’s been no progress.

About a year ago, WRTV interviewed Vanessa Canchola, who lived on Briarstone Drive in Greenwood. Canchola reached out because she was scared drivers might hit her children, especially after her cat was killed by a speeding driver.

Canchola has since moved away from Briarstone Drive.

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“She moved because she was sick of fighting the fight,” said Carolyn Strong, who currently lives on the street. “So, she moved into a new neighborhood.”

Strong doesn’t want to move, but she does want drivers to slow down.

“I just want to protect our kids and our animals,” Strong said. “Sometimes dogs get out. I’m worried about our animals.”

There is a speed limit sign, but Strong said most drivers don't pay it any mind.

“We were excited that the speed limit sign was right out in front of our house, since we have little ones,” Strong said.

But around lunchtime and during the evening hours, this mother is left in a constant state of worry.

"As much as a parent tries really hard to teach their little one not to run out in the street, there are going to be accidents,” Strong said.

Before the pandemic, Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers said he was working with the neighborhood to get something done to help them breathe easier. Greenwood Police Chief John Laut promised to put out traffic control boxes to monitor the street to see if extra patrols were needed.

Greenwood police said they are circling back to check on the issue.

“We’re waiting on the city to help us protect our kids,” Strong said.

But for now, the residents are still waiting, watching, and holding their breath each time a car speeds by.