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Paranormal Activity: Inside the abandoned Candlelight House in Franklin

Posted at 8:44 PM, Oct 26, 2017
and last updated 2019-10-15 11:58:33-04

FRANKLIN, Ind. -- If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what’s really out there, Paraholics could be just the group you’re looking for.

Salon owner Matthew Jackson created Paraholics as a healthy network for paranormal enthusiasts.

So what is a “Paraholic?” Jackson broke it down for us.

“Someone who is not only intrigued with the unknown but maybe addicted to the paranormal and things we just can’t explain,” he said.

Jackson says its more than just ‘ghost hunting,’ being a Paraholic is about having the experiences and then trying to find an answer for them.

“I don’t like calling myself a ghost hunter because I don’t know if I believe in ghosts,” said Matthew. “I definitely believe that there is an unexplained phenomenon. I think collectively the more we go out and gather and we lay all this out, I think eventually it will all layout and it will offer some explanations.

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Mike Culwell is a former police officer who joined Paraholics to find some of those answers.

“I’ve reached that point in my life where you kinda ask yourself is that all there is,” said Culwell. “I have to depend on data, collecting it – the same approach I would have used in the police department.”

RTV6 producer Mandy Walker joined the pair for a paranormal investigation at the Candlelight House in Franklin.

“[The Candlelight House] is one of the locations in Indiana where I’ve had some of my most profound paranormal experiences,” said Jackson. “We’ve recorded EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena), I’ve seen an apparition.”

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The Candlelight House sits along East County Road 100 North.

It was built in 1868 by John and Mary Owens. John died before the house was completed and never lived there, but his widow and nine children did.

Otho Henry Prichard was the last known resident to live in the house and his spirit has been said to linger.

The home was purchased in 2014 by Adam Eichhorn.

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Since then, the owners say they’ve experienced a string of several strange events including sightings, noises and recorded voices.

You can view the full video from our encounters at the Candlelight House in the video player below.

If you’re interested in learning more about Paraholics and what they do you can visit their website

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