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Kappa Delta sorority chides Indiana University chapter for homeless-themed party

Posted at 4:20 PM, Apr 19, 2013
and last updated 2017-02-07 13:59:07-05

The national Kappa Delta sorority organization responded Friday to an uproar that resulted from an apparent homeless-themed party at Indiana University that the sorority said "perpetuated insensitivity toward the homeless community."

Jezebel, a popular women's interest blog, posted a story that detailed the party based on information from a tipster.

Included in the Jezebel story were pictures that were purported to be of Kappa Delta members wearing clothes that had been smudged with dirt and carrying signs around their necks, one of which that read, "Why lie? It's for BOOZE."

"Kappa Delta does not condone these actions or any language that demeans an individual or group," read part of a statement from Heidi Roy, director of communications for Kappa Delta in Memphis, Tenn. "We continue to investigate and will respond accordingly."

The sorority vowed a "swift and comprehensive response" and that it would work "to develop education programming and provide community service opportunities for the chapter."

Some students defended the sorority's choice.

"I'm actually really surprised," said student Brooke Schwartz. "I have a lot of good friends at Kappa Delta and I know from them they wouldn't mean any harm by it."

But Brandon Goodmon, a Bloomington homeless man, said he hopes Kappa Delta did not intentionally mock his situation.

"I think unless you walked a mile in someone's shoes who's homeless you really can't be judgmental," he said. "I can't expect them to understand if they haven't been there, you know."

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