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Knightstown community obsessed with chasing pet pig

Posted at 11:30 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 23:32:06-04

KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. – The escape of one Knightstown family pet pig has turned into a game for the community.

Porkchop left his family’s home earlier this week, and although he’s been seen multiple times around town, no one can seem to catch him.

“You wouldn't think he would be that fast, but he can take off and he's...gone,” said Miki Cole, owner of the pig. “Everybody says it's a pig, just catch him. It's not that easy.”

Porkchop has been seen on camera, but rarely in person, which led to the community’s fun obsession of attempting to catch him.

“He's been all the way from frosty boy up town where they sell ice cream, to the baseball diamond, to the golf course,” said Cole, who said Porkchop even has his own Facebook page. “Our entire town has been consumed by chasing the pig.”

She said she hopes Porkchop will stick around the neighborhood.


Although the city is thoroughly enjoying the game of “catch the pig,” the Knightstown community is offering a reward in the form of cinnamon rolls, banana cake and free haircuts to those who bring him home.