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Kokomo High School won't let student wear US Army sash at graduation

Posted at 6:41 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 21:08:13-04

KOKOMO, Ind. -- A Kokomo High School senior who has enlisted in the United States Army is at odds with the district after they told her she couldn’t wear her military sash at graduation.

Leanne Trambaugh is joining the Army Reserves and would like to wear her sash, but school officials say she can’t. 

The Kokomo School Corporation says graduation is a time to recognize what the students have accomplished while in school, not what they plan to do after they graduate. 

For Trambaugh, wearing the sash is more about honoring her family members who have served before her, than showing off what she plans to do. 

“I actually want to wear it for my grandparents,” said Trambaugh.  “I’m following in their footsteps. I want to make them proud.”

Trambaugh’s mother, Stacy Clark, says she will support her daughter’s decision – but she’s worried about the consequences her daughter might receive if she does wear it.  

“If she decides she wants to wear it, I’m going to support her,” said Clark. “but at the same time, are they going to hold her diploma from her?”

In a statement, the Kokomo School Corporation said: “At commencement, celebratory attire is limited to high school accomplishments as prescribed by Kokomo School Corporation. This does not include Army sashes.”

Captain Jason Jost, the Company Commander for Fort Wayne Army Recruiting says their office stands by the school’s policy.