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Kokomo man shows police support with yard signs

Posted at 8:36 AM, Sep 28, 2015

You may be used to seeing political signs in front yards, displaying support for different candidates.

But now several people are using signs to show their support for police officers.

Gary Kemper is the Kokomo man behind the signs popping up in multiple counties.

“We take an awful lot for granted when it comes to police officers and we need to think more about what they face every single day they go to work,” he said.

Kemper, a retired business owner, says one of his most memorable employees became an officer.

“He was a hard worker and just the best type of person and I think that's what it takes to be a police officer,” he said.


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Kemper used his profits from cutting and selling firewood to have the signs made at $12 each, but said he can no longer afford to make them.

He’s given away 90 of them so far.

Kemper said he’s humbled by the chance to be there for the men and women he’d count on if he were in need.

“I wouldn’t contact a taxi cab driver or a weatherman,” he said. “I’d call the police, That’s who you call when you’re in trouble.”

Since the sign was posted on local law enforcement Facebook accounts, requests have started rolling in from other states.


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