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Kokomo man running 11,000 miles around the United States perimeter

cameron balser
Posted at 8:11 AM, Mar 14, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-15 07:12:22-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A Kokomo man is going to great lengths to spread hope and joy around the country. Cameron Balser is literally running around the perimeter of the United States.

"I had the crazy of idea of maybe I could run the whole thing," said Balser.

Balser started his 11,000 mile journeyon October 9, 2023 leaving from Cleveland. Balser is an ultra marathon runner and had done races upwards of 200 miles before he decided to something a little longer.

It's an idea that slowly took shape.

Balser's route will take him around the country before coming back around to Northeast Ohio.

"I went up to see Niagara Falls, that was beautiful because it was during the fall," Balser said. "I went all through New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and then Maine. I was in Salem, Massachusetts for Halloween so that was interesting. Thanksgiving I spent in Durham, North Carolina and Christmas Day I was in the Keys."


Balser is now way passed the Keys in Arizona. As of March 10, he's logged close to 6,000 miles, burned through 16 pairs of shoes and checked of 25 states.

"It’s going so fast, which is surprising to me as well," said Balser.

It's going fast, but took a while for Balser to plan out including quitting his job, training, and mapping out a route.

"I found out there is a thing called being too prepared," said Balser.

Balser says there's been tough terrain, a lack of running space on some of the roadways, and he's dragging a stroller filled with camping and food necessities.


"Some areas like Texas you’ve got cars going by you at like 80 miles an hour. It’s a thrilling thing when you’re 8 hours in and it’s just cars zooming by you," Balser said.

He's now started planning week by week asking the local people the best routes. Balser says strangers have become his family.

"Strangers have gotten me around this country," said Balser.

Balser says this trip has been a lesson in how good humanity can be.

"I’m just so thankful to be here and experience that. It’s every day over and over again how loving humanity is. It's what I knew in my heart so it's nice to show that to everyone else," said Balser.

Balser his documenting his trip on his social media and it's not just about showing his physical feat, but sharing a message about love and compassion.

Balser says doors open when you push yourself to do what you love.

"I think we get into these points where we’re not quite satisfied, but we’re doing what we think we have to do," Balser said. "To me the hardest step was taking the first step. We’re here to experience this life and it’s beautiful if we make it beautiful. If we don’t want to make it beautiful it isn’t but there’s nothing that we can’t do and people are really willing to help you get there to do what you love to do."

Balser says he'll finish by July which would be nine months of running 40 miles a day.

He is also taking a detour on March 25, Balser will participate in the Speed Project which is a 300 mile run from Santa Monica to Las Vegas. His running team is working to make a documentary about it.