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Lauren Spierer's family still searching 9 years after her disappearance

Posted at 2:36 PM, Jun 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-03 14:36:47-04

BLOOMINGTON — Lauren Spierer's family is still searching for answers nine years after she disappeared.

Spierer, a 20-year-old Indiana University sophomore, disappeared after a night of partying with friends on June 3, 2011 in downtown Bloomington. It was the last time anyone saw her.

In a post on their official Facebook page, Spierer's family said they have spent the past nine years following every lead that has come their way with all either being "dead ends or lies."

"Do I think her disappearance was random? No. I do not. Do I think we will ever get the truth or find Lauren’s remains? I don’t know. Will we ever stop searching? No, we will not. Will Lauren ever be less a part of our family? No, she will not," Spierer's family wrote in the post. "We are all so fragile, this inner circle who knew and loved Lauren. No cure for the emptiness Lauren’s disappearance has left in our hearts.

"So, for those responsible, how lucky you have been. Nine years of dead ends for our family. Nine years of freedom for you. It will not always be that way. I hope that someday, someone will have a crisis of conscience and speak the truth. If not, well you got away with it. Or did you?"

In November 2017, Brown County Prosecutor Ted Adams said he believed Daniel Messel, who was convicted of killing another IU student, may be connected to Spierer's disappearance. Messel has never been charged in connection with the Spierer case.

Anyone with information about Spierer's disappearance should call the Bloomington Police Department at 812-339-4471, Beau Dietl & Associates at 1-800-777-9366, send an email to or send a message to Find Lauren, PO Box 1226, Bloomington, IN 47402.

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