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Lawmakers look to protect sex assault victims

Posted at 9:25 PM, Mar 08, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Only a fraction of men and women who experience sexual assault receive help from an advocate for victim services agency, according to numbers from the federal government.

In Indiana, a group of lawmakers are hoping to change that.

One factor victims have to worry about is losing their privacy if they report, according to Butler University Campus Victim Advocate Sarah Diaz.

"That's one of the many barriers to seeking help," Diaz said. "If I go and seek support, if I share what I experienced with someone, who else may find out? What processes might be started that I'm not necessarily comfortable with?"

A new bill in the Statehouse would still require Diaz to report crimes, but less of the conversation would become part of the public record. It's something university officials say could give victims greater control over the process, and allow advocates to more easily connect them with resources.

The bill would also change the statute of limitations for rape set under "Jenny's Law."


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