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Licenses proposed for Indianapolis pedal pubs

Posted at 6:21 AM, Sep 27, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis leaders proposed a possible solution to noise complaints from pedal pubs at Monday night's City-County Council meeting.

The proposed ordinance would require the businesses to be licensed like pedal cabs.

Officials say the expanded ordinance would help improve routes and solve the complaints.

Dan Eliason, the co-owner of Pickled Peddler, said he thinks the ordinance would put his company out of business eventually.

"If they want us to have a license then give us a license for 10 years or something like that," he said. "This license for one year is unnecessary."

A license would also require pedal pub businesses to expand liability insurance, covering the city if passengers get hurt.

"By having a license, that puts a public process in the renewal phase," District 16 City Counselor Jeff Miller said. "If a company maybe needs to be changing things, and we need to have some discussions, that's a great time to do it. The public can show up and discuss those things during a renewal."

if the ordinance passes, the license for pedal pubs would be about $70 a year.