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Local restaurant looks to give back through 'Blessing Meals'

Yanni's Golden Gyros' customers give back by purchasing meals for those in need.
Posted at 6:59 PM, Jan 22, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-22 18:59:23-05

INDIANAPOLIS— An Indianapolis restaurant is opening its doors for people who need a warm place to go and a hot meal.

Amy Spurr, the owner of Yanni’s Golden Gyros says when temperatures got dangerously cold last week in Indianapolis, she saw a group of people outside and wanted to do something.

“I was turning down Washington and there was a group huddled together,” explained Spurr.

Spurr posted on the restaurant's Facebook page inviting anyone out in the cold to come in and get warm. No purchase necessary.

After that post, a customer reached out wanting to do more.

“She messaged me and said ‘hey I’ve seen your post how I would go about sponsoring a meal,’” said Spurr.

The customer bought three meals for anyone needing a free lunch and Spurr put those paid receipts on the chalkboard near the entry way for any customer to pick one up. Spurr is calling it Blessing Meals.

“I called them the blessing meals because she was blessing everyone,” said Spurr.

Spurr says more customers have now been reaching out or buying them when they come in. On Monday, the board was up to 19 meals.

“We are all one mortgage payment, one bill away from being out there too. I just hope people see one meal can make a difference.”

Despite temperatures rising, Spurr will continue to offer blessing meals if customers are willing to donate them.

“People are hungry. I just hope they see $13 can make somebody’s week,” said Spurr.