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Man's body found face down in Greenwood subdivison

Posted at 5:41 PM, Nov 06, 2016

GREENWOOD, Ind. – The body of a man was found face down near a pond in a subdivision Friday.

Police were flagged down by a woman who said she found the body near 2603 Willow Lake Drive in Greenwood lying in the grass.

The officer on scene said he could not locate the man’s pulse and a short time later medical personnel pronounced him dead.

An Indiana ID and hospital wristband found in the man’s pocket identified him as 23-year-old Corey Hillis of Greenwood.

This wasn’t the first time police had contact with Hillis.

Just the day before he was found dead, Hillis was involved in a three-vehicle rear-end crash on State Road 37 near Fairview Road.

Hillis’ vehicle was approaching Fairview Road when he drove into the east turn lane of State Road 37 and into the grass median. The vehicle then got back onto the road after striking a reflector before rear ending another vehicle.

When police arrived on scene, they said Hillis was unconscious. He was removed from the vehicle and revived by medics.

Hillis said he didn’t remember any events leading up to the crash. His vehicle was towed due to damage.

None of the drivers were injured during the crash.

Due to the life-saving measures given by law enforcement to Hillis during the crash, he was transported to Community South Hospital.

Police later found Hillis to have no valid driver’s license and a series of traffic violations.