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MAP: Where are the sex offenders near you?

Posted at 2:37 PM, Oct 26, 2013
and last updated 2021-11-23 13:38:24-05

There are nearly 10,000 sex offenders in the state of Indiana and more than 2,300 registered sex and violent offenders living in Marion County.

With Halloween right around the corner, police are reminding those on probation and parole to report in for a mandatory meeting for the duration of trick-or-treating hours.

In other counties, like Marion, sex offenders are required to hang a sign on their front door, turn off the lights and not pass out any candy.

"We require who we're watching to stay at their homes, unless they are pre-approved to go to work. We have them stay in their homes, shut off their lights in front of their house and have a sign up that they aren't go to participate in Halloween this year," said Drew Adams, District Supervisor, Dept. of Corrections.

Teams of parole officers from the state will be out in force on Halloween, checking on sex offenders to make sure they're complying.  They say they'll even be using plain clothes officers for the patrols. 

"We'll be hitting some houses one, we'll be going back to some houses a couple of times, just because we were there once doesn't mean we won't show up again," said Adams.

But, do you know how many offenders live in your area? To find out, use our interactive map below:

The Indiana Sheriffs' Association also maintains an interactive sex and violent offender registry, including a map tool which allows you to search within a 2-mile radius of your house for listed offenders.

You can search Indiana's Sex Offender Registry and view the map here:

To search for offenders in your area, select your county from the map shown at the link above. After accepting the terms and conditions, click the "Search for Offenders in Your Area" button in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

To view a map:

Enter your address, city and ZIP code into the forms presented. The website will create a map of all registered sex and violent offenders within a radius of .25-2 miles of your area, depending upon your settings. Offenders are listed by name and with photo and offense information as available.

To view a list:

In the "Offender Search" screen, you can also generate a list of all sex and violent offenders in your city. Simply click the "City" tab and enter the name of the city you would like to search. Again, offenders are listed by name and with photo and offense information as available.

The database also allows for searches of individual offenders by first or last name.

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