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Marian University introduces new college guide ‘Little Frank’

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Posted at 7:06 PM, Aug 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-16 21:20:11-04

INDIANAPOLIS —  Meet Little Frank. He will be the new face of Marian University in Indianapolis.

Little Frank is a Muppet version of Saint Francis, who is the founder of the Franciscans. They are an important part of Marian University’s identity.

“For an institution that’s been here for so long, we realize we’ve been struggling with awareness, even in our own backyard,” Brad Wucher, Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing for Marian University, said.

Wucher says the Catholic school, along with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, created the Muppet.

“We thought about what we need to be distinctive. Saint Francis is who the values of the institution is based on, so we thought how about we get a puppet,” Wucher said.

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The school says Little Frank will be visible across campus.

He will appear on the Marian University website to highlight helpful tools and resources, such as getting help completing FAFSA.

Little Frank will be on campus monitors, informing and encouraging students to get involved or find help addressing challenges.

“I’m easy to find. I have a little office here. I’m on all the socials. You can DM me if you need advice,” Little Frank said.

There will also be a smaller version of Frank, called Little Little Frank, so students and staff can carry him around with them everywhere they go.

Little Little Frank

Marian University says Little Frank will help students and parents better understand the value of higher education and guide them along their college journey.

“The whole point was, how do we make Saint Francis more accessible to a broader audience? Not only do we feel this will be of interest to students, but to their parents and members of the board as well. One of the things a puppet can do is appeal to almost everybody,” Wucher said.

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