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Illegal, unwelcomed community trash dump growing in Indianapolis

Trash dumped behind closed business
Posted at 10:39 PM, May 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-02 23:55:05-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Greg Sansing and Mike Lethig own businesses near East 30th Street and Massachusetts Avenue where the old Bottoms Up bar has become a hotspot to dump trash.

"When I drive past there, it seems like the pile is getting bigger and bigger," Sansing said. "Once they find out they can dump stuff over there and get away with it, they continue to do it."

Lethig added, "It just started getting worse and worse. You can see all the garbage here. They're just using it as a dump."

Lethig tells WRTV he called the Mayor's Action Center several times. He even had his employees call because over the course of three months, he saw the problem get worse.

"One day there's a dishwasher here. The next day, there's a camper. People come through, dump what they want and take what they want," Lethig said. "I'm afraid with how things are going, a body is going to be found in all of this mess."

Lethig is also worried about the health hazard all of the garbage could create. People have started dumping food. He knows it's only a matter of time before rodents, like rats, start calling this place home. He's hoping the city steps in to solve this issue.

The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services released the following statement to WRTV about this situation.

An inspector with The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services visited the former business at 5111 E. 30th St. last month.

During their inspection, they took pictures of trash that had accumulated on the property and ultimately issued a notice of violation. The property was not brought into compliance by the time a second inspection took place in late April, so The Department now plans to hire a contractor to remove the trash.

As a result, the property owner will be issued an invoice for all fees and administrative costs incurred by The City. If the total amount is not paid promptly, it may be added to the property tax bill.

Residents and property owners should properly dispose of their waste by composting, recycling, and/or taking their items to the Citizens’ Transfer Station (2324 S. Belmont Ave.) or a landfill.

Additional information can be found online at []

WRTV asked when they expect to have the contractors out there cleaning up the site. We have not received a response yet.

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