Indianapolis snow plow, salt truck drivers get ready for winter

Posted at 11:35 AM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 11:35:22-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- The City of Indianapolis’ Department of Public Works has just finished the second of two-days of what they call a “mock snow fight”.

Tuesday and Wednesday plow and salt truck drivers hit the city streets to rev up for the real thing this winter.

50 drivers from both day and night shifts went through their routes, some with blades, some without, to refamiliarize themselves with the winter-time drill.

It’s all about training, in an annual process that typically starts in August; first, with a review of last winter, then they start planning for the upcoming winter snow and ice season.

You might remember, last winter was pretty mild in central Indiana. While snowfall totals were below normal, less than 10 inches in most areas, we did have our share of ice.

Tuesday the day-shift DPW workers relearned or learned their routes for this winter, Wednesday night-shift drivers got back in the saddle.  Even if a driver knows the drill from last year, they still have to get familiar with any summer construction street additions and changes, like new bike lanes, new curbing, and changed traffic patterns.

DPW also activated Indy Snow Force Viewer online to show where drivers went.

So if you saw plows and salt trucks on the road the past couple days, have no fear, winter is not here….yet!

DPW is going to have a bigger winter rollout event later this month.

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