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Chili's manager arrested, charged with voyeurism

Chili's manager charged with voyeurism
Posted at 6:38 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 16:42:45-05

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. -- A Hendricks County man accused of voyeurism has spawned a second investigation at his workplace in Martinsville.

Justin Behnke, 40, of Avon, was charged Thursday with two counts of voyeurism by means of a camera for allegedly setting up a camera to film women using the restroom in his home.

Behnke turned himself in at around noon on Friday and psoted a $2,500 cash bond an hour later.

Police said they were alerted to the videos by Behnke's fiancée, who allegedly discovered them on his computer. The investigation began on Feb. 22.

The babysitter who was allegedly recorded by Behnke said, "You can say that I'm not angry, I've forgiven him, and I just think he should face appropriate consequences for what he's done. I hope he gets the help he needs."

We also talked to a couple of Behnke's neighbors.

"My family just talked about it and that's why we don't do sleepovers at strangers' homes, because you never know what going on in other people's homes," Stacy Harrop said. "Even if you think they're nice people, it's just the unknown."

Another neighbor said he was shocked to find out.

"That's weird. That's just disgusting. Somebody you would think in a really nice neighborhood to be peaceful and quiet and just get along, and come to find out something like that," Jack Crosier said. "It's just shocking."

During the course of the investigation, Hendricks County police learned voyeurism by an electronic device may have also happened in the women's restroom at the Chili's in Martinsville. 

Police said Behnke is a former manager at the Martinsville Chili's.

The Chili's has been cooperating with police and there is no evidence that a crime happened at the restaurant, but the investigation is still ongoing. The owners of the Martinsville Chili's released this statement:

We are cooperating fully with the local authorities as they investigate this former employee. While we cannot comment while the investigation is pending, we assure you that the well-being of our guests and team members is our top priority, and that we will take any and all action necessary or appropriate upon conclusion of the investigation.

A computer and multiple memory cards were confiscated by police from Behnke's home for further investigation.

Anybody with information on the case is encouraged to call 765-342-6614 or 765-349-4900.


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