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Mayor Hogsett receives "direct" threat after gun control proposals

Mayor Joe Hogsett
Posted at 12:22 PM, Jun 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-16 17:21:47-04

INDIANAPOLIS — During Wednesday's Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee meeting of the City-County Council, Mayor Joe Hogsett explained that he has received direct threats in the aftermath of his gun control proposals.

On Friday, the Mayor's Office confirmed they received a threat and referred it to IMPD.

IMPD confirmed they are investigating the threat and said it is directly tied to Hogsett's gun control proposals.

They did not state what kind of threat was made, be it electronic, written or phone.

Hogsett's proposal targets crime and gun violence in the city.

Proposal 156 would raise the legal age to purchase a firearm in Marion County to 21. It would also ban semiautomatic firearms and stop permitless carry in Marion County.

“Since I announced the measure there has been a concerted effort to pressure me into withdrawing these proposals,” Hogsett said. “Pressures from political perspectives – well that’s to be expected. But also direct threats to me, personally, if I do not back down. I hope and I pray that none of you experience those kinds of threats and those kind of tactics.”

Mayor Hogsett on threats

Though committee members passed the proposal, state lawmakers rulings pre-empt the cities and would prevent these from taking place for the time being.