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Mechanics say preparation is key to making sure your car is ready for winter weather

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Posted at 6:09 PM, Jan 17, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-17 18:09:00-05

INDIANAPOLIS — The bone chilling weather can take a big toll on both the roads and your car.

“We do this every year — we wait until the last second to do all of this stuff. This should be preventative maintenance that you should do throughout the year,” Bill Amonett, owner of Becks Service Center, said.

In addition to watching out for all those potholes on the streets, drivers also need to watch their car’s tire pressure.

“Most tires run from 32 to 35, everyone runs them differently,” Amonett said.


 Mechanics at Becks Service Center say one of the main things to do right now with the cold weather is to make sure gas tanks are full, and air pressure in the tires are where they need to be.

“Every car is different but the cold air will actually change the tire pressure," Amonett said. "A good thing about cars these days is they should have a light that will help check the tire pressure, but really you should be checking it in the beginning of winter."

And for those pesky potholes? The City of Indianapolis says they can be filled right now. During the winter, the city will use cold mix asphalt.


The city says temperatures can play a factor in what material they use, but it says they have teams working on requests whenever they are able to.

You have probably dodged a few potholes if you drive in or around Indianapolis. Damage to your car can get pricey when it comes to repairs, so what can you do to have the city fit the bill?

First, the city has to have known about the pothole prior to you hitting it, and have had a "reasonable" amount of time to make the repair.


These are the steps you must take to be reimbursed, and things to keep in mind:

  • File a tort claim on the Mayor's Action Center website or call 317-327-4622.
  • Show photos of your damage.
  • The claim must be made within 180 days.
  • You must show receipts from bills you incurred for repairs.

To report potholes, you can use the RequestIndy mobile app, call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4622 or click here.

For more on how to file a tort claim, click here. You can also download and fill out a blank template here.