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Monroe County Schools discuss possible merger of two elementary schools

The district is considering a plan to merge Childs and Templeton Elementary Schools
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Posted at 11:20 PM, Mar 26, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-27 07:26:17-04

MONROE COUNTY — The Monroe County Community School board plans to vote next month on a plan to merge two elementary schools.

Families and teachers have been weighing in on the idea for months.

"First, I don't understand why the redistricting and merger are being considered," a parent said in the meeting.

"We stand at a crossroads. A point we can thoughtfully and carefully intervene to improve the inequities we've seen in our communities," another parent said in the meeting.

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The Monroe County School Corporation is considering a plan to merge Childs and Templeton Elementary Schools.

"Because the lines are drawn in a crappy way, purposefully," Molly Rosenberg, whose daughter attends Tempelton Elementary said.

"The proposal would move my kids to a new school," Chris Cook, whose children attend Childs Elementary School said. "Just as a dad I’m here to use my agency to speak for my kiddos, they don't want to move."

At first, school leaders suggested redistricting the two schools, before deciding to consolidate instead. This is a move the board once explained would help balance socioeconomic disparities in the county.

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"Someone had mentioned about all of the negatives if we do the merger. But I want to know all of the negatives if we don't do anything and keep the status quo," a school board member said.

"I think that there's urgent action needed to address these disparities and let our kids just continue their elementary experience in this environment. It's not fair for them. It's not what I want for my community," Rosenberg said.

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Concerned families will need to wait a few more weeks for a decision. The board decided Tuesday night to provide more details and answers next month, and then vote on the merger plan.

"My oldest started kindergarten in our basement on the screen right experience was moving here in lock down COVID-19, which was challenging for any parent," Cook said. "That's not how you envision your kids' first day of school, so that's part of why it's simple as I can put it from my kiddos right now."

Tuesday, the board also discussed reviewing proposals to redistrict all Monroe community elementary schools. The merger of just Childs and Templeton would go into effect for the 2025-2026 school year.