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Angry note addresses parking placard, brings Bloomington woman to tears

Posted at 8:39 PM, Sep 04, 2017

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – A Bloomington woman was brought to tears after an angry note was left on her vehicle addressing her usage of a parking placard.

Peggy Good, who rode in the passenger seat of a slingshot motorcycle her friend was driving, found the note about an hour after returning to the vehicle parked outside of Walmart on State Road 45.

"We came out, and we found this note, right next to the handicap tag,” said Good.

The handwritten note said:

"A handicap spot or a designated spot for rich people who simply can't be bothered to walk that far."

Good has suffered from a degenerative spine for eight years, has had her left hip replaced three times and recently broke her foot. She said the note brought her to tears.

"I'm a really strong person. It's hard to say I'm handicapped. But, I am,” she said. “To have somebody leave a note like that after all that I've been through, and all I know other handicapped people go through, it broke my heart."

Good said her condition makes it difficult to walk, which is why she was given the placard.

The BMV issues permanent and temporary parking placards and a health care provider is required to certify the nature of a person’s disability.

The disability could include a restriction in mobility or a visual impairment.

Her friend Glenn Duthie, who was the driver of the vehicle, said he hopes others think before they jump to conclusions.

"I would just tell them look at the situation before you put down that note, because obviously, you missed something," said Duthie.

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