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Bloomington church comes close to Indiana Red Cross blood donation record

Posted at 10:46 AM, Aug 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-04 10:47:18-04

BLOOMINGTON — We are seeing a critical blood shortage across the country right now and blood drives are more important than ever.

City Church for All Nations in Bloomington hosted a blood drive late last month where 144 people donated blood, just barely missing the record of most donations given in one day through the Indiana Region of the American Red Cross.

“We’re really trying to help with the blood shortage,” said LaMar Holiday of the American Red Cross.

Maddie Box works with City Church for All Nations in Bloomington. Last month, the church set a goal to break the record for most donations in one day through the Indiana Region of the American Red Cross.

“I think it kind of helps draw people in knowing that we're trying to break a record and it just gives us an incentive, even more of an incentive, of trying to help with the blood shortage,” Box said.

The drive was held in honor of Ian Slabaugh, a 15-year-old in the midst of a battle with cancer.

The church also hosted a car wash and accepted donations for a local charity organization. They also had food trucks on sight to bring Hoosiers to the blood drive because, right now, every donation matters.

"It is very crucial that we have these blood drives because in your local community, you're really getting to see the impact," Holiday said. "We always tell people that one donation can save up to three lives, and we want people to know that is incentive to really get out and donate blood."

Holiday said blood donations are needed now due to an increase in surgeries combined with a decrease in the number of people giving.

“All caps need,” Holliday said. “This is a severe blood shortage, and we were really wanting people to come out and to donate blood.

“Right now hospitals are seeing an increase in trauma cases and elective surgeries, but also on the other side we're not having enough donations come in to meet that supply. And so with those elective surgeries on the rise, they have pretty much depleted the blood that had already been on the shelves."

As a result of the 144 blood donations in Bloomington, more than 400 lives can now potentially be saved.

“I think it's really exciting i think it just shows the community of Bloomington and just kind of the sense of community that we have in Bloomington coming together to help one another,” Box said.

Holiday said the current record is 146 donations in one day. You can schedule to donate blood right now by visiting