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YMCA child care center to close and dozens of parents are wondering where to take their children

Posted at 1:00 AM, Nov 11, 2017

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Dozens of parents in Monroe County have to look for new child care after the Center for Families at Children at the YMCA announced it will close at the end of December.

Parents say they were blindsided by an email they received on November 3 that gave them seven weeks to find a new place to care for their children.

"No advance warning, to my knowledge the teachers also found out through an email," said Todd Royer, parent.

YMCA CEO Jason Winkle says there's not enough money to keep the center open.

Parents say they weren't aware of any problems and that there was no family outreach to help bridge the budget shortfall.

"You can't expect them to be part of that decision making process. That's the responsibility of being a board member," said Winkle.

"The mission of the YMCA is youth development. I feel the CEO and board failed to hold up that mission," said Sam Tirey, parent.

The center is set to close no later than December 22 but the board says it may have to shut the doors even sooner.

"It's a tight market. Limited market, lots of long wait lists at the daycare centers. So it's going to be a struggle," said one parent.

"I have a toddler and this nine week old. He's number 67 on one of the lists. He's over 50th on many of the lists. I can't find a spot for both of them at the same place currently," said another parent.

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