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Mosquito Control: Free tire recycling event for Marion County residents

It's more about the mosquitos than the tires
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Posted at 1:29 PM, Jun 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-25 13:29:11-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Those ever-irritating mosquitoes can grow rapidly in numbers if you have tires sitting around your yard.

Often, when unused tired are left outside, they collect water and become an ideal place for mosquitoes to lay eggs. So, the Marion County Public Health Department is offering a free way to dispose of those tires on Saturday, Jun. 26.

At the "Tire Recycle Day," residents can bring up to six car tires. They must be off the rim and from passenger vehicles only. The county says it will not accept tires from retailers of auto salvage yards.

“To help control the number of mosquitoes, we ask residents to walk around their yard or property each week looking for areas of standing water,” Matt Sinsko, the coordinator of Mosquito Control at the Marion County Public Health Department, stated. “Dumping water from containers of any size and flushing out birdbaths frequently is important. Also, check for clogged gutters, small recreational pools, and poorly operating septic systems.”

Drop off locations for the Tire Recycling Day are:

  • Marion County Public Health Department's Mosquito Control: 4001 E. 21st St.
  • SECO - Southeast Community Organization: 1925 Fletcher Ave.

For more information about Tire Recycle Day, contact the MCPHD's Mosquito Control at 317-221-7440.