Mother cat and kittens abandoned in cage

Posted at 1:07 AM, May 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 01:07:13-04

GREENCASTLE, Ind. -- The Putnam County Humane Society posted a harsh letter Friday chastising whoever dropped a family full of cats at their front gate with no food or water.

The mother cat and her young kittens were left inside a cage with no water, food or protection.

Although the cats are doing better now, the shelter said they were in poor condition on top of the "unnecessary trauma" they faced.

The Humane Society also issued a reminder that dumping animals like that is illegal.

"For these cats and those of us who have to clean up this mess, literally and figuratively, it is heart breaking," the Humane Society wrote on its Facebook page. "We get it, you must not like fuzzy balls of fur who just want to snuggle with you and show you they love you- cats, dogs, and other pets aren't everyone's cup of tea, but, that doesn't entitle anyone to behave this way. Although we are very grateful these cats are now receiving the care they need, we sincerely hope you change your ways in the future."

Anyone who does need to turn over an animal can contact the Putnam County Humane Society at 765-653-1943.

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