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Mother of road rage shooting victim pleads for justice

Posted at 8:50 PM, Nov 22, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- A mother is pleading for justice after her son was shot during a road rage incident earlier this month. 

Police say Reginald Hendricks, 25, was shot in the head after swerving in front of another driver near Michigan and State streets last week.

Hendricks’ mother, Andrea, says the family is still trying to make sense of the attack, while Reggie continues to fight for his life at Eskenazi hospital. 

“What in the world was that person thinking?” said Andrea. “Who are you mad at that you took it out on my son?”

Andrea said her son loves music and working on cars.

“He was going to take after his great-grandfather, painting cars,” she said. “He loves music, he loves kids, to kids he’s:  ‘hey Reggie,’ just an outgoing person. His smile would light up the world.”

She says Reggie was in the process of looking for an apartment with his girlfriend when he was shot.

Andrea said the doctors went over some of Reggie’s test results with them on Monday and told them that some of the damage the bullet has done is irreversible.  

“There’s nothing else they can do, we just pray for a miracle." said Andrea.

Right now, she just wants the man who did this to her son to come forward.

“Turn yourself in, you gotta have a conscious. Your mother did not raise a monster for you to be out shooting people and speeding off,” she said.

Police believe the suspect was driving a Red Nissan Altima. He’s described as a white man around 30 years old with short reddish brown hair and a beard and mustache. 

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