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Mom pens heartbreaking eulogy after daughter ODs

Posted at 5:08 PM, Apr 14, 2016

The eulogy a woman wrote for her daughter who died of an overdose has been shared by thousands. 

Kelsey Endicott, 23, of North Andover, Massachusetts, died from an accidental overdose on April 2. 

"For many years, she fought a heroic battle with addiction," her obituary said. 

In a Facebook post, her mother said she had been asked by so many people to share her daughter's eulogy that she wrote and read at her funeral. 

"Hopefully it will work as many miracles as her obituary has. We need to talk and educate the world about this epidemic," the post said. 

Click the map below to explore drug overdose information for all of Indiana's 92 counties:

The post said Kelsey had "sparkling diamond eyes, witty dry humor, loyalty to a fault and calming ways," and was "an old soul for such a young woman and a complete throwback which made you love her even more." 

But it also said the reality was that with her sparkling eyes, she never saw what everyone else did. 

"Her addiction told her that she wasn't worthy or deserving. She turned to drugs to make her feel normal like everyone else. Heroin told her I can make you feel accepted, I can make you feel alright, I can make you feel worthy, I can make you feel normal, I can make you feel loved, I can make you feel nothing and make you feel like everything will be ok," the post said. 

Kelsey's mom wrote that complete stranger's came to Kelsey's wake because they had been in her shoes and just wanted to reach out. She said Kelsey's obituary had been shared over 50,000 times. 

"My baby girl may not be here physically but she is working miracles from Heaven and as her mother I couldn't be more proud," the post said. 

Read the entire post below. 

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