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'We always say we are baby mamas,' connected through adoption, celebrating each other every May

Posted at 5:05 AM, May 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-11 11:18:16-04

“We always say we are baby mamas,” Brooke Glassburn said.

This week we are celebrating mom ahead of Mother’s Day.

The month of May is special for mother’s Brooke Glassburn and Brooklynne Perry.

It’s a time for them to celebrate each other and the decisions they made nearly eight years ago that brought them together and bonded them for life.

“I’m her mother in the way she will never be, she's mother in a way I would never be,” Glassburn said.

Lorelynn is named after Brooke's dad and her birth mother Brooklynne

Glassburn and Perry share a special love for their daughter, Lorelynn.

The two of them known to her as Mom and LaLa.

 “L comes before M, so first mom,” Glassburn said.

Brooklynne Perry was a teenager when she got pregnant with Lorelynn.

“I just was not in a good life stage for having a child,” Perry said.

Knowing she couldn’t keep the baby, she looked into adoption.

“I needed to have an open adoption,” Perry said, “I just couldn't imagine myself living in a world where I had a child in the world but like didn't know anything about them."
A teenager about to become a mother, while a complete stranger wondered if she’d ever earn the title of mom.

“I actually found out that there was a very very small chance that I could ever conceive a child,” Glassburn said, “but I knew I wanted to be a mother.”

After their wedding—Jason and Brooke Glassburn started the adoption process thinking it would take years to meet their miracle.

“The day after we were legally ready like qualified to adopt, they put our book in her hands and we were matched,” Glassburn said.

Lorelynne was born in 2015
Brooke Glassburn wondered if she'd ever be a mom. Thanks to Adoptions of Indiana she has a daughter.

When Perry thought of open adoption, she thought they’d just stay connected, from afar.

“Pictures, or I'll get letters you know or emails and maybe a phone call or a visit or two. I got so much more than that,” Perry said.

It's important to both women that Lorelynne knows where she comes from so they stay connected with her birth family.

From big life events, family traditions, to just hanging out for the afternoon, their close bond doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else.

“I can't imagine not having her be a part of our lives and being a part of Lo’s life, I wouldn't be a mom if it wasn't for her yeah, I think it's something that's really hard to explain sometimes,” Glassburn said.

This Sunday we’ll celebrate mom on Mother’s Day.

But the Saturday before is recognized as Birth Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate women who made the choice to place their child up for adoption.

The two women take time every year to celebrate Mother’s day together.

The two were matched through Adoptions of Indiana.