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One man's job: Sell US companies on Monterrey

Posted at 12:09 AM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 00:10:26-05

There is one man whose entire job is to tempt American companies into moving south of the border.

Monterrey is a city of burdens and bravado. It is littered with blemishes of poverty, smog and violence.

It prides itself on an economic boom, which has attracted many corporations, including Carrier.

Carrier plans to move its furnace production jobs in Monterrey and leave its researchers and developers in Indianapolis, which comes as no surprise to those who study labor and its trends.

“The United States, a very powerful economy and need to think globally, need to think, reconvert itself in a more competitive economy.” Dr. Jaime Parada Avila, Director of the Innovation & Technology Center said.

Avila oversees a tech park in Monterrey, which brings together universities, businesses and researchers to find the next best product to end up on store shelves.

He has a direct message to Hoosiers wondering if their job is next.

“You have two choices: Sitting and crying, no? Or alter your energy, understanding the world and understand that the most important bed to the future and to be and remain competitive is precisely talented people, knowledge, science, technology, innovation and create new business, with added value. That’s the solution,” Avila said.

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