Mules involved in chase on Binford Boulevard seized by animal control

Posted at 11:44 PM, Feb 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-10 07:40:05-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Two weeks ago Jeffrey Smith’s two mules caused quite a scene when they made a great escape and had to be chased on Binford Boulevard by officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Animal Control.

It was captured on video and posted on social media with the tongue-in-cheek caption “low-speed chase”

The sisters, Cheyenne and Clementine, took advantage of a weak portion of their fence and escaped, according to Smith. He said he had no idea they were out, until he saw police chasing them down the street.

“Sitting at the kitchen table and I looked out, and I saw the cops going real slow up the street here,” said Smith, “and I said, 'what?'” 

Eventually, the mules were corralled and returned to their fenced-in enclosure in the Smith’s backyard.

But ten days later, Animal Control officers showed up to remove them from the Smith's home.

Officers said the enclosure was in violation of city ordinances and was too small for the two mules.

Animal Control said the Smiths voluntarily surrendered their animals, but Smith tells a different story.

“I mean they came in here and acted like we were dirt, like we’ve done everything wrong and they were going to take what they was going to take,” said Jeff.

Investigators say the Smiths will have time to make changes to their enclosure to regain custody of Cheyenne and Clementine, but they wouldn’t say how much time they have.

The Smith’s aren’t currently facing any charges, but the incident is still under investigation.