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NAACP member calls on Dr. Ferebee to resign

Posted at 11:58 PM, May 24, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- A member of the Indianapolis NAACP called on IPS Superintendent Dr. Lewis Ferebee to resign Tuesday night.

Lawrence Yarrell is upset with the way the district handled the case of a former counselor accused of having sex with students.

The call comes one day after RTV6 reported IPS still has not handed over administrator emails regarding the case 64 days after we requested them. They say lawyers are still reviewing the emails.

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Yarrell, a former IPS principal who did not have his contract renewed last year, says the whole Shana Taylor situation is unacceptable. Yarrell now works for the Indianapolis chapter of the NAACP.

"We would ask as the NAACP that he should be accountable," Yarrell said at an IPS meeting Tuesday night. "I think that accountability means he should resign."

For his part, Ferebee seemed unmoved.

"Mr. Yarrell was once an employee of IPS, so to me that sounded like a disgruntled employee," Ferebee said.

Officials said earlier this month that two IPS administrators accused of failing to report the sexual abuse allegations would not face jail time as long as they complete a diversion program.

Ferebee said the district is continuing the discipline process. In March, he called the whole situation a clear case of incompetence.

"I think everybody agrees this was incompetence, and what are the consequences for incompetence?" Ferebee said.

Re. David Greene, Sr., of the Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis, said his organization wanted to see action taken in the case.

"We can argue about what was criminal and what wasn't criminal," Greene said. "Dr. Ferebee uses the term 'incompetence.' Well, if there's a level of incompetence, we'd like to see some actions taken due to the level of incompetence."

As to how much of the responsibility falls on Ferebee's shoulders?

"Anything that happens in the district that doesn't go as well as we would like, I hold myself accountable," Ferebee said. "That means ensuring there's corrective so it doesn't happen again."

The IPS Board was reportedly aiming to take action this week regarding discipline in the Shana Taylor case. The next board meeting was scheduled for Thursday.