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Nearly 300 violations issued to Indy hotels

Posted at 4:12 PM, Sep 25, 2015
INDIANAPOLIS -- Nearly 300 violations have been issued to area hotels following a two-day sweep earlier this month. 
The effort was done in concert with representatives from IMPD, the State Fire Marshal's office, the Indianapolis Department of Code Enforcement and the Marion County Public Health Department. 
Below is a list of hotels that had violations: 
  • Country Hearth Inn & Suites – 8850 E. 21st St. 27 violations
  • Motel 6 – 2851 N. Shadeland Ave. 41 violations
  • Shadeland Inn (formerly Rodeway Inn) – 3525 N. Shadeland Ave. 39 violations
  • Motor 8 Inn – 3731 N. Shadeland Ave. 36 violations
  • Skyline Motel – 6617 E. Washington St. 37 violations
  • Intown Suites – 2301 Post Dr. 15 violations
  • Knights Inn East – 7101 E. 21st St. 50 violations
  • Indy Hotel – 5117 E. 38th St. 53 violations 


The goal of the sweep was to inspect the properties for compliance with all State and local ordinances, according to a press release from the Department of Code Enforcements. 


The sweep was used as a way to gather information about the condition and management of the properties for consideration of future legal action or intervention to get compliance from the hotels.


“Monitoring and regulating Indy area hotels and motels are critical to ensuring the level of quality guests visiting the City expect and subsequently appreciate,” said Interim Director of the Department of Code Enforcements Courtney Bennett  in a statement.


“Not only are routine inspections important in supporting a good hospitality industry, but they serve the primary purpose of improving the City’s quality of life. For some, these establishments are a permanent residence, and they deserve to know if the hotels they are paying for are doing all they can to provide a safe and healthy stay."


Sweeps like this one come once or twice every year. Locations are selected using data like recent guest complaints and the amount of times the police and fire crews have to respond to properties.