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Neighbor calls 911, then follows burglars

Posted at 8:59 PM, Sep 29, 2015

Police say a concerned neighbor who did the right thing may have helped them solve more than just one crime.

The story began for Karen Crawford with a phone call from a neighbor telling her about a burglary at her Lawrence home.

When Crawford got home, the police were already there. They had just caught three suspects – all because of a concerned neighbor who called 911, and then went even further.

"He got into his car and followed them," Crawford said. "He wanted to see the direction they were going so he could report it to police."

Lawrence police were then able to arrest the trio, who they say are suspected in similar crimes in Hancock County.

"Having 'heads up' neighbors and using basic crime prevention steps can be huge, and in this case we wound up catching several individuals who broke into this victim's home," said Lawrence Police Captain Gary Woodruff.