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Neighbors seeking peace and safety after constant violence at a house party

Neighbors seeking peace and safety after constant violence at a house party
Posted at 11:15 PM, May 23, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS — Neighbors on the northeast side seek a solution to bring them peace and safety.

"It's time to move these people out and do something better with the home that's safer for this community," said Kristy Follmar.

Recent parties at a home off Fall Creek Road are causing quite a disturbance and jeopardizing neighbors' safety.

At Tuesday night's neighborhood association meeting, neighbors said it goes beyond loud music, alcohol, and increased traffic. Many of the parties have led to shootings. A party this past weekend was the final straw for neighbors after a neighboring family had to take cover.

Tuesday night, IMPD revealed that they had made 21 runs to the home in the last year. More than half were made in the last two weekends. Lieutenant William Carter said they had contacted the homeowner and gave residents an action plan to resolve this issue properly.

"One of the important things to do is that if something is happening at that house, we need to make sure they are reporting that address and not just a general address of shots fired in the 9000 block of Fall Creek Drive," said Carter.

IMPD will have mobile cameras and officers patrolling the area. Despite those efforts, one resident says he's packing his family up and leaving for the holiday weekend.

"The party this weekend is supposed to be canceled, but that was the promoted party. He can probably have people without a poster show up either way. He's done this three weeks in a row, two of them with gunfire. We're not going to wait around this week to find out what happens. I frankly don't care how many police are there. Much respect to the officers doing their job, but we don't want to find out the hard way," said Nicholas Blesch Clark.

Documents show the property is in foreclosure, and the owner has filed for bankruptcy. Police urge anyone with information regarding organizers and promoters of events involving potential illegal activity to contact them immediately. Contact Nuisance and Abatement by email at