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New evidence found in abandoned baby case in Seymour

Posted at 10:30 AM, Oct 24, 2019

In the above video, listen to the call that came into police when a woman walking her dog in Seymour found a baby left inside a plastic bag.

SEYMOUR — The baby found inside of a plastic Walmart bag in Seymour is now out of the hospital and with a foster family.

Police say they've found strands of hair inside the Walmart bag with the 1 to 3-hour-old infant, and they're hopeful that discovery could lead to some answers.

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"We don't know who they were from, but they were from someone other than the infant," Sgt. CJ Foster, Seymour Police Department detective, said.

Police are still trying to figure out who the mother is and why the baby was abandoned on October 15 near a fence off South Jackson Park Drive.

Seymour police say they have canvassed the area and looked for surveillance video.

Any evidence collected from the scene, including the bag, the towel the baby was wrapped in, and what the baby was laid on after the fact will be sent to the Indiana State Police lab.

If you have any information on this case, contact Seymour Police.