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Cop wasn't working but still getting paid

Posted at 11:12 PM, Feb 22, 2016

BEECH GROVE, Ind. -- Beech Grove Police Officer David Heiniger made nearly $71,000 in 2015. And he's still getting paid, even though the last time he showed up for work was 115 days ago. 

Heiniger has been on the department for 25 years. But since Oct. 30, he's been missing from work. He's been using his vacation time and sick days, even though the city says he's been working a second job the entire time. 

The city says he's been abusing a sick time policy. If he retired on Oct. 30, he would have only been able to recoup half of his sick time as a lump sum, but by staying on the job and calling in, he's been able to push his actual retirement date back 250 days to July 6. 

The city says he does have a note from a doctor, but according to them, he's been working hospital security the whole time. 

Call 6 Investigates Paris Lewbel went to Heiniger's home, but he said he had no comment. 

The city also tried to get his side of the story. Last Tuesday, they held a closed door meeting to talk about the situation. The council will discuss their findings from the closed door meeting at the next public meeting on March 7. 

The city's attorney says he has contacted Heiniger and demanded that he appears for work. The city says they either want him back on the job, or to retire. 

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