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Parents want more answers in Plainfield case

Posted at 4:26 PM, Jan 20, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Avon man who brought a gun to a community meeting in Plainfield Tuesday night is out on bond. 

Police say Ronald Kendall, 37, told a crowd of parents that he made it into the meeting with the weapon. 

WATCH: Gun found at Plainfield threats meeting

"He raised his hand and began to speak out of turn. At one point, he turned around and talked to parents around him, or people in attendance around him, and stated that he got through into this meeting with a firearm," Plainfield Police Captain Jill Lees said. 

Watch police escorting him out of the auditorium in the video player above.

The community meeting -- hosted by officials from Plainfield and Indiana State Police, as well as the FBI – was scheduled after weeks of ongoing threats against Plainfield High School by an anonymous Facebook user under the moniker "Brian Kil."

Police say they feel their safety plan for the meeting was sufficient. 

"Extra officers were present during the meeting. There was a very large crowd," Lees said, "We just felt that we handled the situation as quickly. as best as we could possible for that moment." 

Police hope people walked away with a better sense of what's happening behind the scenes in the Plainfield cyber threat investigation. 

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"There were over 200 subpoenas sent out in regards to this case. So, service providers have a certain amount of time frame to get the information back," Lees said. 

While investigators wait for those results, they're also following tips and leads in the case with hopes of finding the person behind the crimes. 

Not every parent's question was read at the meeting, and some say they were upset because they felt like the officers skipped their questions. 

According to Plainfield Police, they ended the meeting early because people started to break the rules and talk out of turn. They say they are still planning to answer the questions that were submitted on note cards. 

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