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Parents of murder victims band together

Posted at 12:16 AM, Apr 12, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- A group of parents met for the first time Monday night to talk about the code of street silence – and the silent treatment they feel they are getting from detectives.

The parents all have children who have been killed on the streets of Indianapolis. Some of those murders have been solved. Others have not.

For parents in the latter group, like Jacquelyn Beasly, their children's "cold case" status is a constant source of pain.

"It just sends chills through my body when they say it's cold, because that's the way he was left out in the backyard that day," Beasly said about her son, Dominic, who was killed just days after his birthday.

Beasly and many others shared their frustrations about how detectives have handled their children's cases.

"He was doing good at first," Valentina Watkins said. "Then all of a sudden just quit calling, so I started calling."

The point of the meeting, organized by the Ten Point Coalition, was to get parents more involved in the effort to combat violence on the streets.

"It's not gonna stop unless we stand together and come together and get these leaders to stand behind us and support us so that we can get these criminals off the street," Beasly said.

The group plans to meet once a month. They're also hoping to connect with the children of those killed in the city.


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