Angie's List Grand Prix parking and traffic info

Posted at 3:48 PM, May 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-13 16:09:33-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- How do you get there, and once you get there, where do you park?

It's important information you need to know if you're heading out to the Angie's List Grand Prix on Saturday.

Officials at IMS want you to 'Plan Your Visit' with their new website which includes an event schedule, track map, directions to track and gate regulations, among other things.


  • Free parking:  You must enter through Gate 10 and access the facility via 30th Street. You will be directed to North 40 parking. This is the only free parking and is available while space remains.
  • Pedestrian gate entry: Gates 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 South, 9, 10A and 12 are available for pedestrian entry and walk-up cash ticket purchases.
  • Gate 2 & credentialed parking: Gate 2 is not accessible via car without a credentialed parking pass. In addition, if you have a Turn 3 credentialed parking pass, you must enter through Gate 10 and not Gate 2.
  • The Speedway Police Department wants people to be aware that a number of parking restrictions will be in place for the Grand Prix. Click here for a complete list.


  • Georgetown Road and 16th Street will be closed to all vehicles during the Angie's List Grand Prix 
  • Georgetown Road will be closed south of 25th Street approximately one hour prior to the start of the race.
  • Race patrons with placards who usually enter IMS Gate 7 will have to enter through Gate 2 (W. 16th Street) or Gate 10 (30th Street).  People who live on this stretch of Georgetown Road are encouraged to make other arrangements as vehicles won't be allowed to access Georgetown Road from McCray Street, 24th Street, and all other access points in this area.
  • Once the race is finished, Georgetown Road will remain closed to vehicles until the majority of pedestrians are no longer in the roadway (approximately one hour after the race)
  • 16th Street will also be closed between Olin Avenue on the east to the 16th Street roundabout on the west from approximately one hour prior to the start of the race until the race is over.
  • In addition, 16th Street won't accessible from Polco Street, as it will be blocked at 10th Street.
  • Traffic traveling east on Crawfordsville Road from the west will be turned around at the 16th Street roundabout.
  • Traffic traveling west on 16th Street from downtown will be diverted south on Olin Avenue.