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Several juveniles arrested after multiple fights break out at Castleton Mall the day after Christmas

Posted at 8:37 PM, Dec 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-27 13:27:52-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Several juveniles were arrested after multiple fights broke out at Castleton Square Mall the day after Christmas.

Similar fights were also reported at several malls across the U.S. and rumors were swirling that they may have been organized over social media, but Indianapolis police said they did not find any evidence to support that may have prompted the disturbance at Castleton.

The chaos began around 8 p.m. Monday when police were called after a group of 'over a hundred' teens were fighting in the mall, according to police. 

As officers were dispersing the crowds from one fight, at least one other fight broke out. 

Nicole Gabana was at the mall when the fights broke out. She shot this video with her cell phone:

Police said the mall already had off-duty officers in place for the post-holiday shopping surge and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department also has a sub station in the mall, so they were able to respond to the incidents quickly. 



There were also reports that someone fired several shots into the air in a nearby parking lot, but police were not able to locate any evidence from the scene. No one was shot.

Officers arrested seven juveniles, one male and six females, who were involved in the fights. 

Police said there were no serious injuries. 

IMPD says it will continue with holiday staffing, which puts extra officers in the area, through the winter break. 

Mall fights involving large groups of juveniles were also reported in at least five other statesMonday night including Colorado, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey and North Carolina.  

In Denver and Cleveland, the malls were placed on lockdown and closed early. Hundreds of teens were reportedly involved in those fights, just like the one at Castleton Square Mall. Five juveniles were arrested at the Aurora Mall in Denver, and one juvenile was arrested at the Beachwood Place Mall in Cleveland. 

Police in Ohio said they believed the fight at the Cleveland mall was "loosely organized" on social media. In Denver, police said they found references to the disturbances on social media but have not officially tied them to any one event. 

You can watch the IMPD briefing on the fights and arrests below:

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