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'Periods for Pence' group takes aim at Donald Trump

Posted at 3:24 PM, Jul 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-19 09:08:24-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- 'Periods for Pence' is now taking aim at Donald Trump.

The Facebook group sprung up after Gov. Mike Pence signed a controversial abortion bill into law this past April.

"I began Periods for Pence as a childish response to a law that treated women like children," said the 'Periods for Pence' Facebook page creator.

The page goes on to say that if the governor wants to legislate a woman's body, he should know how it works.

That's why fans of 'Periods for Pence' have have been inundating the governor's office with calls about their reproductive or menstrual activity.

Since Donald Trump has chosen Mike Pence to run as his VP, 'Periods for Pence' is encouraging its followers to leave similar messages for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and the Republican National Convention. 

"Of course we are going to call Trump! He obviously has a real need for understanding of women's issues and our reproductive health, so it's really our civic duty," the 'Periods for Pence' founder told


'Periods for Pence' is also joining forces with a new group, 'Tampons for Trump,' on Facebook and on Twitter.

Trump has, "hardly been a proponent for reproductive rights and justice." according to, an online publication by women for women.  

Bustle cites Trump's call to punish women who seek abortions and a number of misogynistic comments.

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