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Personal care pantry "Dotted Line Divas" make move to help more Hoosiers

Posted at 9:29 PM, Aug 02, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS-- Years ago, extreme couponer Christina Huffines began using her hobby to help others.

She started the non-profit, "Dotted Line Divas," to provide personal care products to families in need.

"Dotted Line Divas" offers the only personal care pantry in the greater Indianapolis area.

This summer, the organization is on the move, finding a new home in the basement of Union Chapel United Methodist Church.

Now, what was once a janitor's closet has been transformed into their new personal care pantry space. It's not only providing hygiene, but hope for local families.

"We're a very unique pantry," says Tanorria Askew, the vice president of "Dotted Line Divas," We're one of a kind because most places that offer food, don't offer personal care items. People that get food stamps can't use food stamps to buy personal care items."

They stock everything from soap, and shampoo, to deodorant and toilet paper.

"These families in need, whether they are very low income, or just can't afford them at all, or whether they are working and they are doing the best they possibly can, and this just helps them," explains Askew.

Right off of I-465 at 2720 E. 86th Street, Askew says their new location will allow them to extend their reach.

"We already have people traveling from Anderson, from Brownsburg, to get these items so we just want to be in a more focal area, right off of 86th Street, where people can see where we are and know where are," says Askew.

Allowing people to pick up more than just products, but a sense of pride.

Askew says, "The amount of dignity and respect that someone is able to walk away with just by getting a hot shower because they have the products they need to do that, or to be able to go on a job interview, clean and fresh, makes a world of difference in someone's life."

"Dotted Line Divas" will be holding a grand opening for their new personal care pantry on August 19 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m at Union Chapel United Methodist Church.

More information on Dotted Line Divas can be found here.