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Plainfield asks for kids to come to school

Posted at 5:51 AM, Jan 05, 2016

PLAINFIELD, Ind. -- Plainfield police are urging parents to send their kids to school for Tuesday morning. 

Some students didn't return Monday, as the semester officially began. It was the first day back since the ongoing threats began before the Christmas break.

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The police and district officials want students back in the classroom, and they're reassuring families there's no need to worry about a new round of threats.

Additional safety measures are in place -- including a ban on backpacks and mandatory searches for anybody entering the building.

Some students said yesterday that it was a lot like airport security. Police say it'll be the case until they're able to put an end to the threats. 

For those asking "Why is it taking so long to make an arrest?", our Call 6 Investigates team found that there's of behind-the-scenes work the public doesn't see.

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Computer forensics experts say a company like Facebook is getting hundreds, if not thousands of requests each day -- and there's no way to know where this case falls in the line.

The police do say they're confident they will find the person responsible and make them face the consequences.


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