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Police investigate multiple grocery break-ins

Posted at 11:48 PM, Dec 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-03 23:48:57-05

Indianapolis Metro Police say alarm systems stopped a would-be thief from breaking into at least two grocery stores in the early morning hours on Thursday.

"There are bad people out there. You know: People who want to take things from people that work hard,” IMPD Public Information Officer Rafael Diaz shared.

Omar Ramirez is one of those people in the latter category.

"We work so hard to open up a business,” Ramirez said.

He spent the last decade saving up so one day he could be his own boss here at La Potosina. 

"For us I think it's really important to have a place like this where you can feel at home a little bit at home,” said Ramirez.

He says that is the service Mexican grocery stores provide in areas with large Hispanic populations, a little taste of home.

But lately he feels like that place has become a target for thieves.

"It's really sad that almost year after year Mexican grocery stores keep getting hit,” Ramirez shared.

On Thursday police say it happened at three locations in one day on the west end, La Campos on 25th Street, La Potosina, and Carniceria Campos.

Indianapolis Metro Police say a would-be burglar was even captured on camera prying his way into a store just after 2:30 am.

Ramirez says before he took over ownership of La Potosina, there were at least 6 break-ins there.

"I work 11 long years to get it and I just finally got it. That's why it was really scary so soon after you just got it to have something like that happen,” Ramirez said.

He shared that he and other store owners are keeping in touch.

The hope is that strength in numbers and re-vamped security systems will help prevent future break-ins.

IMPD is asking anyone with information about these crimes to contact Crime Stoppers.


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