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Police warning people to be vigilant when donating to charity this holiday season

Posted at 12:26 AM, Dec 06, 2016

HENRY COUNTY, Ind. -- As the holidays approach police are warning about false charities looking to take advantage of your good will and generosity.

Police in Henry County say a group was collecting money outside a business under the name of a homeless shelter, but the homeless shelter says they didn’t have anyone out there.

The Guest House Homeless Shelter has been operating for four years. They assist about 100 men each year by feeding them, clothing them and providing them with a place to stay.

That’s who police say the people collecting money were claiming to be with.

But shelter volunteers say they don’t collect money outside businesses like that.

With the holidays approaching, police are asking people to be vigilant in whom they are donating their money to.

Police say don’t be discouraged from donating, but make sure you know where your money is going when you put it inside those containers.

If you have any concerns about a charity that is soliciting funds in your area, you can contact your local police department.