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Pothole-covered roads concern residents on northwest side

Posted at 6:45 PM, Apr 08, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — It's a growing issue we're hearing about from drivers all across the city, and one we are continuing to dig into: drivers frustrated and concerned about safety on roads covered in potholes.

Within the past week, Cooper Road near 88th Street on the northwest side was patched. It's an area drivers say was once impassable. While they do appreciate the effort from the city, they said this road is in need of major repairs.

Joseph Dixon said Cooper Road has continued to get worse over the years, leading him to avoid the road all together.

"People just want good roads to travel on, and that's not what we are getting here at all," Dixon said. "The holes have gotten so bad there is nothing there any longer. You will tear up your car trying to go through there. People choose another way to go."

The city said all pothole requests on Cooper have been filled, and unfortunately for drivers like Dixon, there aren't any plans to re-pave it in 2019. But he's hopeful he will eventually see an improvement if he keeps complaining like he did in about 88th Street between Cooper and Moore Road.

"I've complained about it and complained and complained, and finally the last quarter of last year, they resurfaced it. It's really nice now," Dixon said.

But on the other end of 88th Street, between Cooper and Lafayette Road, drivers like David Stricker say there is still work that needs to be done.

"We certainly understand it is a matter of money, but given the fact that I don't recall this road has ever been re-paved, I think maybe it's my turn," Stricker said. "You shouldn't have to be coming through and patching them all the time. They should be kept up and maintained so you don't have to do all of this."

The Department of Public Works said its engineering team keeps an updated assessment of every street in Indianapolis. Requests from City-County councilors and residents help inform their team as they choose which roadways will be included each year for construction.

We reached out to the City-County councilor for this district to see if he is pushing to get the area on the radar of the city to get improved. We are still waiting to hear back. DPW said its crews filled more than 6,000 potholes over the weekend, and 15 different crews are back out working today.