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Recovery experts say addiction is brain disease

Posted at 6:23 PM, Mar 18, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ind. -- A Columbus woman was arrested Tuesday after she overdosed on heroin with three of her children in her car. 

Christina Wilson, 25, was revived by police who administered Narcan.

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The coverage of her arrest caused outrage on social media with some posts suggesting that she should have been left for dead. 

"My relationships faded way. My family, I can't say that they turned their back on me, I turned my back on them because the drug took over," Annette French. 

French is nearly one year clean after a ten year drug addiction that included heroin. She entered Fairbanks Recovery Center. A story of her grandchildren best explains how powerful the addiction is. 

"I was taking care of those kids. I had them in my care. I'd take them to daycare or to preschool and drop them off. I'd take them to dance and the whole time I was high with those kids," French said. 

"There's 23 million people in recovery. As many people living in recovery from addictive disease than there are people suffering. So let's talk about recovery. Let's talk about the stories of people whose lives have changed and are doing great things in this world," Robin Parsons said. 

Wilson was held at the Bartholomew County Jail following her arrest and her children were placed with a relative. She is out of jail on bond.


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