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Remembering those who lost loved ones on Mother's Day

Posted at 6:02 PM, May 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-10 21:04:44-04

INDIANAPOLIS — For many people, Mother's Day is a way to celebrate the women who mean the most to them, but it can be painful and emotional for others.

Janice Langford never thought she would have to bury her son at 23, nor did she think she'd be writing a letter to other mothers standing in her shoes.

"I had the red heart on my license, our whole family did not knowing we would need it," Langford said.

In 2014, her son Justin died in a car accident. About six months after the crash, she started volunteering for the Indiana Donor's Network.

"He was able to save five lives and make live better for over 70 other people with tissue donations," Langford said.

Mother's Day is still hard for Langford, but it's also a tough day for Kevin Sheets.

Sheets says the day reminds him of his wife, Michelle.

"Honoring her on Mother's Day has been hard," Sheets said. "She's been gone since February 2018 and it's been hard for the boys and I."

He says he misses her beautiful eyes and remembers her for her giving spirit and heart.

"She did everything for everybody but herself, starting with her family before we had kids, and then when we had kids, it was all about the boys," Sheets says.

Because Michelle was a donor too, parts of her live on.

Knowing she's gone but was able to save someone's life, gives Sheets and his family comfort on days like Mother's Day.

The Langford's are hosting their annual Justin's Run for Hope to raise money for scholarships and to remember him. You can view more details on the run here.