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Rep. Susan Brooks officially files for gov. race, Pence endorses Eric Holcomb to fill his spot

Posted at 3:05 PM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 23:11:48-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Political dominoes continue to fall as a result of Indiana Governor Mike Pence's acceptance of the GOP vice presidential nomination.

On Friday, Rep. Susan Brooks officially filed for candidacy in the now-empty Republican governor slot of the November ballot to replace Pence.

The replacement will be chosen by the Republican Central Committee.

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That officially makes four candidates who have entered their names to fill the vacancy that Pence left. 

Just hours after she did, Pence officially endorsed Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb for the position, 

Brooks was not phased, saying despite the endorsement, she would remain in the race.

The committee is scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss the choice. 

The appointed group includes 24 members, representing each congressional district in the state.

Twenty-two (22) of the members vote. Two serve in more of an advisory role.

Committee member Tom John says he thinks there will be a consensus process where Governor Pence's opinion is going to have a large impact.

He says the committee will take a number of factors into consideration.

"One of the big questions, I think, is going to boil down to electability. What does the campaign between now and November look like against Mr. Gregg, who provides the best contrast against Mr. Gregg?" said John.

The Director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics says this scenario is the first of its kind in our state.

"There actually was legislation introduced that would have allowed for a number of people to occupy two spots on the ballot, but that legislation didn't even come to the floor for a vote."

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